The National Fenestration Rating Council



NFRC_RatingConsumers shopping for windows, doors or skylights are confronted with unfamiliar language terms, bewildering claims, and general misinformation overload.

Sensing this confusion, the N.F.R.C. was formed.  Composed of industry manufacturers, architects, builders, government agencies, distributors and other interested third parties its purpose is to educate the consumer so that they may make an informed decision once afforded the ability to compare one manufacturer’s window to another.

The National Fenestration Rating Council’s purpose is to establish standard measurement of a product’s energy efficiency, its ability to impede heated air loss in a building or home during cool seasons (defined as U-value).  Likewise, a standard to measure its performance at preventing solar heat radiating into a building or home during the warm seasons (S.H.G.C.—Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient).  Other measures call for Air Leakage and amount of daylight incoming through the window glass.

For a window, door or skylight to qualify as an N.F.R.C. certified product it must undergo testing according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA.) Standard.   Upon passing the product is assigned an approval code permitting the manufacturer to now affix an N.F.R.C. label to the item (SEE PHOTO below) certifying it an approved product.

Now the consumer can compare one manufacturer’s window, door or skylight to another in terms of energy efficiency.   Just as if you were auto shopping and comparing different manufacturer’s M.P.G.’s.  You can now compare different manufacturers’ products based upon energy efficiency.

For more information, please click on the N.F.R.C. website:

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