18988405_sVinyl, Fiberglass, Wood or Aluminum?

This is not as complex a question as it might seem.  It will depend on your home’s value or your preferences for aesthetics.

Vinyl windows began appearing in a market dominated by aluminum and wood windows in the late 1970’s. As they refined the engineering technology of vinyl production they gained market share.

Fiberglass windows arrived on the scene several years later and they have gained some inroads into the replacement and new home construction market.  Wood windows, of course, have been prevalent for centuries.  These three frame materials constitute the majority of today’s replacement market with Vinyl as the dominant player.

Vinyl and Fiberglass are both man-made materials and extremely durable.  In terms of durability, maintenance, and insulating factors each is equal to the other.  Fiberglass has one slight advantage, however, in that it is paintable.  Vinyl is not.

frame typeRecently in our Dallas-Fort Worth area Fiberglass windows have been promoted as being stronger than Vinyl. This is true– but windows do not carry or support any of the structure’s load; so this “advantage” is not as meaningful as it might seem. The only clear advantage Fiberglass offers over Vinyl is that the size of a frame can be narrowed down from that of Vinyl.  This allows more visible glass area.  When it comes to a higher resale value, no data exists supporting one frame type over another.

Last, Vinyl windows on average are less costly than Fiberglass.

Regarding Wood windows, nothing can compare with their ability to offer the warmth and beauty of real wood.  This window category is rich in feature options and lends well to oversized and irregular shaped windows.  Upscale luxury home builders and even high profile commercial properties typically will use these in new construction.  6% of replacement windows are Wood.


There are no correct, incorrect, right or wrong answers to these questions.  The attributes of Vinyl and Fiberglass are equivalent.  Both offer multiple color choices that will likely complement most exterior color schemes.  But if you are leery of being “locked in” to the same color window maybe Fiberglass due to its paintability is a more suitable choice window for you.  Wood windows reside in a category by themselves.  But if you like the warmth and beauty of wood windows like I do, then replace your worn-out aging aluminum windows with wood like I did.

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