Aluminum Windows


Affordable, low-maintenance windows that will be an attractive and energy-efficient addition to your home


Windows made from aluminum have attractively long life spans as the aluminum is not prone to degradation or metal fatigue.


Since windows are typically offered with clear anodized and painted surfaces, maintenance is a non-issue.  However, these finishes are subject to fading and discoloration over a period of time.  Repainting the windows is an option and is best accomplished by a painting professional and could be cost prohibitive.


Of all four window types it is the least expensive.


Without adding thermal break material inside the frame aluminum windows are the least energy efficient.  Aluminum conducts heat and cold very efficiently.

Adding a thermal break yields slightly more efficiency.

Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust (behind oxygen and silicon) but is contained in many other minerals, not as a separate mineral.  To derive aluminum is a complex process requiring electrolysis and extremely high temperatures.  The end product is molten aluminum that after it cools becomes an extremely strong material, lightweight but with very low thermal performance.  Aluminum windows are best suited to commercial architectural vs. residential applications where strength and durability are key factors.