Fiberglass Windows

The strongest windows with beautiful appearance and minimal required maintenance


Similar to the vinyl technology existing today fiberglass technology produces window parts which do not rot, check or crack.


Fiberglass windows do not require any routine maintenance or cleaning chores.


This is a major positive.  Both the exterior and interior frame sides can be painted or stained if an interior wood veneer has been applied.  Fiberglass windows can be factory- painted in dark colors and will resist chalking and fading.


Equally energy efficient as vinyl windows especially since the same glass packages are used.


Due to the glass fiber, higher strength windows of a non-typical design nature are possible.  Large area glass windows are feasible and the fiberglass frames can support heavier glass packages, whereas vinyl might tend to sag and deform.


The frames and window sash of fiberglass windows resemble very closely the look seen only in all-wood windows.  Factor in the option of an interior side wood veneer that can be stained or painted produces a product appearing to be an all-wood window but at about half the cost.


Glass fibers combining with resins to form fiberglass pultrusions.

Fiberglass windows are a blend of glass fibers made from silica and other materials and a resin to bind these materials together creating a very high tensile strength providing strength in both compression and tension.

Unlike vinyl extrusions that are extruded or pushed through dies fiberglass is pultruded or pulled through dies giving them shape.  According to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) the resulting pultrusions have superior strength able to withstand dents and scratches and remain stable in terms of expansion and contraction under a wide range of temperature  extremes.