Vinyl Windows

Extremely durable windows with customization options and no need to paint


Vinyl windows are extremely durable and not prone to rotting, checking or cracking due to the advanced vinyl technology


Since vinyl cannot be painted there are no upkeep painting duties.  Accumulated dirt can easily be hosed off or even rainwater will wash away dirt.


Of all the energy efficient window options available Vinyl is an excellent choice if you have a lean budget.


Cross-section of a vinyl window. Red outlined areas denote structural metal reinforcing the frame.


Our windows exceed the Department of Energy revised Energy Star requirements effective January 1, 2015, and meet the newer more stringent 2016 Code.

Vinyl is a compound mixture of resins, UV light inhibitors, for color fast durability. Combining these ingredients and heating them creates a creamy mixture which as it cools is extruded through dies to form the various parts of these window such as  the window box frame, the sash frame and the glass grilles. Some manufacturers use internal metal to reinforce the extrusions as outlined in red as seen below. This extrusion process occurs in house at some window manufacturers or at an extrusion plant which then sells their extrusions to window manufacturers.  In either situation no clear advantage exists for the consumer as to the source of the vinyl extrusions used in the assembly of a window.


  • Custom sized to fit your exact window openings.
  • 8 exterior color combinations :Arctic Silver, Black, Chestnut Bronze, Dark Chocolate, Desert Sand, French Vanilla, Hartford Green, Mesa Red
  • Match any 3 interior colors: White, Desert Sand, Almond to any exterior color
  • Hardware operators and window locks can be color matched to frame color or any 6 finishes: Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, Chestnut Bronze, Desert Sand, Polished Brass or White
  • Desiring something a little dressier on the interior window side for a dining room, family room? Consider 1 of 3 laminate wood grains in Cherry, Light Oak or Dark Oak
  • In grille styles we have 8 different profiles ranging from 5/8”—2 1/8” wide
  • Standard or custom designed grille patterns — no extra charge

Window Opening Control Devices allow venting a window open up to 4” allowing outside air flow into a room, and providing safety measures preventing small children from falling out of open windows.