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Cimarron Window and Door


Over time in this industry, it became apparent that building contractors, remodelers were sometimes making promises they could not keep to their customers.  After 30+ years’ experience in this building products business, I felt I could do better.  I felt that homeowners deserved better.    That’s when I conceived the idea of starting Cimarron Window and Door.

It's simple, we do one thing—replace aging, worn-out, ugly windows and doors for homeowners and some commercial property owners.  And we try to excel at this one thing.  Our intent is to bring the best value to our customers without “breaking the bank.”

ActivWall Folding Doors.jpg

Why Us? 

What sets us apart from other contractors doing the same thing?

Attention to detail and catering to my homeowner wishes.  Each day Patrick is on the job ensuring that the work being done is according to the prescribed plans and on schedule.


Replacing windows and doors is not simply trading out old stuff for newer stuff…its about fulfilling your dreams of a more exquisite, inviting, and relaxing living environment. Our mutual goal is for you to Fall in Love with your Home Again.

Our Partners

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