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       Welcome to Cimarron Window and Door. This is the place to find all the information you need for the purchase of window and door products and installation services. Whether you are replacing a few windows, conducting a whole remodel with all new windows and doors, or building a new home, Cimarron Window and Door can help you find the perfect products to meet your needs.

Choosing the right design for your home need not be a daunting task. Cimarron Window and Door with their experience and expertise can guide you through this process.  Finding the best design to complement your home’s appearance, maximize energy efficiency and give you longevity with low or no maintenance.

3 Popular Material Choices

  • Fiberglass doors come in many styles, colors, and grains. They are a more popular choice for homeowners who want something secure but also beautiful. A wood appearance is another highly sought-after feature of fiberglass doors. Fiberglass can be painted or stained and customized to the homeowner’s liking, making it an ideal option for those who want a particular look and feel.

  • Steel entry doors cannot be stained, only painted to match the home. They come in fewer styles and options. Steel is not a popular choice because of its appearance and inability to customize. However, it provides a smooth, unique entry door for many homes.

  • Wood doors are of two varieties. Solid wood like Oak, walnut, cypress, mahogany, ash, fir or maple, and many other wood species are the best energy-efficient products. These doors afford a variety of designs in custom and traditional looks. Doors in this class render a sophisticated, high-end look and feel to a residence and trend to be pricey. 

In the same class as solid wood is the engineered lumber core with a hardwood veneer adhered to this manufactured core. Typically, the identical solid wood designs are available in this class for a discounted price to solid wood.

Door Styles

  • Sliding Glass Doors have one stationary panel and one operating panel, the operating panel rolling on a bottom sill track in the same plane as the fixed panel.

  • Multi-Slide Doors have one stationary glass panel with two or more operating panels that roll to one side stacking one in front of the other.

  • Multi-Fold Doors have three or more glass panels that are hinged together.  This design allows for the panels to fold back, accordion-style to one side or the other opening up virtually the entire wall opening.

  • Hinged Doors are doors that swing open and close.  See photos below on how to determine if you have a right or left-hand door.


Sliding Glass Door


Multi Slide Glass Door

ActivWall Folding Doors.jpg

Multi Fold Glass Door


Types of Windows


Single Hung

     Bottom sash raises vertically, the top 

     sash is stationary.


Double Hung

      Bottom & top sash  raise vertically.



     Window sash hinged horizontally along 

     top of window.


       Window sash hinged horizontally 

       along bottom sill of window



    Opens & closes like a hinged  door.



         Window with a curved top frame.


Picture Window

      A fixed non-operating window.

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